RCKa director appointed as Mayor of London Design Advocate

RCKa Director Russell Curtis has been appointed as one of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s 50 Design Advocates to work with City Hall and Boroughs to help realise his “Good Growth” agenda.

Good Growth by Design was a key part of the Mayor’s wider manifesto for London and seeks to realise and enhance buildings and neighbourhoods through design quality.

As a Design Advocate, Russell’s work will explore a number of areas of interest, including the reform of public sector procurement—specifically how improved competition methods can nurture young talent and encourage diversity—as well as elevating the quality of the city’s built environment through Design Review.London’s design community remains an untapped resource. Involving it more meaningfully in the delivery of homes is vital to the continuation of our city’s world-class status.Russell Curtis

Find out more about the Good Growth by Design outline here.