Open Eye Gallery

The works was funded by the North West Development Agency and Arts Council and fixed. The scheme is incredibly cost effective at less than £1,200 per m2 – An seventh of the cost of many other recent gallery schemes. Admittedly this is for a fit out with a proportion of external wall but this is still excellent value for money.

In close consultation with the Open Eye Gallery board and Broadway Maylan the scheme has been developed to better suit the brief of the gallery and the needs of the Mann Island development. In addition to this the scheme has been further developed following initial consultation with Liverpool Councils Planning department. The core design principles remain in terms of layout and orientation but the proposals have been through many iterations to arrive at the planning scheme.

The entrance elevation is on the northern facade to locate it on the most major of the routes surrounding the site and within the public realm space. This is open to encourage the public to enter the gallery and the full depth of gallery space one is apparent. From this elevation it is possible to view through the storage wall along the western facade and towards the covered public realm and Dock beyond.

In looking at the gallery in the context of the development it is important that it becomes a key part of the public realm and encourages more people to visit the site. To this end we have tried to balance the curatorial requirements of the gallery and those of its context to ensure the success of both.

All of the office and associated spaces are located on the first floor to maximise the amount of floor area available for gallery space. The main office can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people with an additional office for the Gallery Director.

Client Organisation: Open Eye Gallery
Construction Value: £440,000
Completion: 2012
Location: Mann Island, Liverpool Waterfront