Frampton Park Estate

Our shortlisted proposal for a new residential development in Frampton Park was submitted as part of Hackney Council’s ambitious estate regeneration programme.

The Frampton Park Estate largely consists of long, linear housing blocks of around five or six storeys which creates an illegible and impermeable public realm.

To encourage movement through the site we proposed two new buildings with distinct architectural characteristics which could act as wayfinders rising about the consistent datum of the rest of the estate and through their arrangement on the site, respond to existing desire lines and walking routes linking key amenities and public transport connections.

Each of the new buildings are different in height, but linked at ground floor by a two-storey “plinth” which marks the transition from family duplexes to apartments on the upper floors. This arrangement cleverly provides active frontages on all sides, ensuring that the public realm is subject to passive surveillance. The extension of the plinth on two sides to create semi-public courtyards creates a human scale to the scheme and the introduction of new thresholds encourages occupation of the external spaces by residents and social interaction between members of the community.

A highly-efficient layout within the towers ensures that the proposals are both buildable and viable, with inset balconies, kitchens and bathrooms stacking on all levels.

Across the entire scheme 57 new homes would be provided, with seventeen family homes arranged around the base of the building – and front doors opening directly onto shared external space – and the remaining forty homes consisting of one- and two-bedroom flats.