Tom Hart

Tom joined RCKa in 2014 as a part one assistant and has recently returned to the practice after completing his studies at the University of Sheffield. His thesis project created a political theatre and a public free space within Sheffield’s city centre in response to the heavy-handed approach of the city council to citizen protest and the redevelopment of the city centre through managed public space.

Tom has an interest in how the design of cities and neighbourhoods affect behaviour and impact wellbeing. Tom’s dissertation looked at the design of suburban neighbourhoods in regard to their layout, legibility, and their connections to the wider city and how these affect resident’s mobility, perception of safety, social interaction and access to services.

Tom is currently working on our Ryde Nicholson Road project developing a masterplan for a business park in Ryde for the Isle of Wight Council. The project focuses on providing needed new business space and community facilities.