Daria Szmucer

Daria joined RCKa in August 2020 after graduating from Coventry University with a Bachelor of Architecture first class honours degree. Bringing her technical skills to the practice, she has supported on a number of small and large scale projects – including High Road Leyton and Boughton Heath, helping to deliver the UK’s first Fitwell assessed, ‘net carbon zero’ retirement homes.

During her undergraduate studies, she developed an interest in how people shape the places they live in and how these places affect their lives. Her final dissertation analysed the relationship between the built environment and the wellbeing of people, focusing on the impact of urban segregation in big cities on the comfort and quality of lives of their inhabitants. The research aimed to explore how the built environment should be designed so that it fosters personal development and social interactions.

Outside of RCKa, Daria is interested in capturing ideas through different media, including digital illustration, sketching, and ceramics.