Holes to Homes

Building on our previous research—which investigated the quantity, size, and ownership of the city’s golf courses—we’ve now taken a look at how these spaces might be used to better serve a larger proportion of Londoners. Our masterplan for Enfield Golf Course shows how it might be done.

Ebbsfleet Cultural Development Framework

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation appointed RCKa to lead a multidisciplinary team of architects, placemaking specialists and urban designers to co-create a strategy for community and cultural infrastructure in the Garden City through a comprehensive programme of outreach and engagement.

Lewisham Small Sites SPD

​​RCKa’s celebrated Design Code SPD for Lewisham Council sets out a bold vision for small site housing development and takes positive steps to promote housing delivery in the borough.

Small Sites Website

RCKa has published an open-access web portal which provides easy access to a wide range of planning data for each of the London boroughs

The Golf Belt

In August 2021, RCKa director Russell Curtis published research into the extent of London’s land set aside for golf courses.

Supporting Planning Applications

Working in collaboration with housing campaign group PricedOut, RCKa director Russell Curtis has written a guide setting out simple steps that supporters of new housing development can follow to get their voices heard.