Russell Curtis

Holes to Homes

Building on our previous research—which investigated the quantity, size, and ownership of the city’s golf courses—we’ve now taken a look at how these spaces might be used to better serve a larger proportion of Londoners. Our masterplan for Enfield Golf Course shows how it might be done.

Ebbsfleet Cultural Development Framework

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation appointed RCKa to lead a multidisciplinary team of architects, placemaking specialists and urban designers to co-create a strategy for community and cultural infrastructure in the Garden City through a comprehensive programme of outreach and engagement.

Birmingham Smithfield

The Smithfield Wellbeing Hub is a key element of the transformation of Birmingham Smithfield – a once in a generation project led by Birmingham City Council and Lendlease to reshape a 17 hectare site in the historic heart of the city. Birmingham Smithfield will transform Birmingham’s city centre, creating 3,000 new homes and community facilities as well as major economic opportunities, including an estimated 8,000 new jobs.

The Children’s Trust

New school for the Children's Trust

RCKa has designed new school buildings on the Surrey campus of the Children’s Trust, a charity focused on the care of children with brain injuries.