Modern Camden Housing Tour, led by Roz

RCKa’s Roz Peebles has collaborated with a few like-minded friends to develop a walking tour for the Architecture Foundation, exploring some of Camden’s modern housing. North-west London has been a testing ground for radical housing experiments since the early 19th century. The tour covers a plethora of exemplar housing projects, including Highgate New Town / Stoneleigh Terrace by Tabori, Mansfield Road and Lamble Street by Benson & Forsyth, Haddo House by Robert Baillie, the masterplanned area formerly of Lismore Circus by Frederick McManus & Partners, Bacton Low Rise Estate by Karakusevic Carson Architects, Wood Field and Barn Field by Farquharson & McMorran, Winscombe Street and Fleet (now Dunboyne) Road Estate by Neave Brown, and finishing at the Lawn Road Flats (Isokon building) by Wells Coates.

Within a climate of an accommodation crisis in London, rising homelessness and with the number of flats recently surpassing the number of houses (a gap set to increasingly widen), these precedents have never been more pertinent.

Roz was brought up in Camden, and the tour route has been informed through a long standing interest in these buildings and her local area – which began long before she embarked on her architecture career. She has a keen interest in the social possibilities created by architecture and is looking forward to exploring this theme within the tour.

The tour will be held on 28th July 2018. For tickets and more information click here.