Gants Hill Community Hub

The Gants Hill Community Hub will serve residents from across the Gants Hill area, including the wards of Barkingside, Clayhall, Cranbrook, Fullwell, Valentines and Aldborough. For this reason, it was important to involve people from all these areas and really understand the identity of each ward from the people who reside in them. 

After giving residents an overview of upcoming sessions, they broke off into ‘ward groups’ and were encouraged to think about and discuss places in their area that are important to them. What works in the area? What doesn’t? These conversations continued for a week, both within the group and with their wider networks.

Residents added material to their ward-specific conceptboard and at the next meeting, each nominated ‘ward champion’ gave us all a summary of key things discussed – which we used as a starting point to leap into exploring viable options for site and services.

Click here for an overview of the Design Group process and the content from our weekly sessions thus far, via the Redbridge Community Hubs website.

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